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Landero high quality wooden flooring

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A wealth of accessories and professional floor care products.
We provide installation services and give the workmanship guarantee.
More than 200 different types of wood and vinyl flooring designs, colours and textures.
Our products meet the highest quality standards and are made using the latest manufacturing technology.
Special attention to your needs, and floor care tips.
20 years of experience in the construction sector.


Vinyl flooring vs. laminate

Wood parquet boards and laminate have been compared more than once, and the main differences between them are already known. Wooden flooring is more suitable for people who appreciate naturalness, while laminate is suitable for practical people. But who are vinyl floors suitable for? If we compare l...

How to create a consistent home interior

Perhaps you will agree that the basis of a home’s interior consists of its floors, walls, ceilings, doors and windows. Once these elements are harmoniously coordinated, it will be easy to fill the spaces and create a cosy home. When we say these elements need to be coordinated, this is in no way to ...

New generation floor covering – vinyl

Have you ever dreamt about wooden floors that would be resistant to scratching and dirt and would be easy to look after? Allow us to introduce you to the new generation floor covering – vinyl. This floor covering is just as attractive as natural wood, but it is somewhat easier to look after. Propert...

Landero grindys

When wooden floor is not enough

Offering innovative solutions for your interior every day, this time we present parquet wall finish.

For its easy installation and cosiness, this interior solution is becoming extremely popular.  Options for the floor and wall finishes are particularly abundant. Pick from a variety of different colours, textures, sizes and patterns.

Quality assurance

Landero grindys

By creating highest quality products, we understand that the most important are the customer’s needs.

Therefore, we carefully select responsible partners, guaranteeing innovative solutions and latest manufacturing technology. Controlling the quality processes and meeting the highest requirements.

Checking each product, for your home we supply only the ones that fit your needs – the highest standard of quality.


We are working so well that many customers recommend us”.

We enjoy excellent work of craftsmen and beautiful “Landero” parquet. Everything went very quickly and smoothly.

Rūta, apartament in Vilnius, Lithuania. “Ballroom” parquet

Such a wide choice of parquet that cannot be found anywhere else. We have found the perfect floor for the entire interior, as our interior designer had in her mind. Also what we were surprised of – no problems to adjust skirting. Every day, I am happy with new and very beautiful floor!

Daiva, house in Juodkrantė, Lithuania. “Jitterburg” parquet floors.

I recommend Landero company. Good flooring, precise and prompt masters. They had to lay quite a large area of the floor, a few places were very difficult, but they coped with their work perfectly.

Andrius, house in Trakai, Lithuania. “Moonwalk” parquet floors.

We have chosen Landero company, because we like the service they provide. People, who work there, are professionals and believe in what they do. They gave me many helpful tips related to wooden flooring. Oh, and the floor is very high quality 🙂

Tomas, house in Vilnius, Lithuania. “Zouk” parquet floors.