Beauty of wooden floor lies in the detail

Have you ever wondered how the floor would look like without skirting? Or how unfinished joint would look like between parquet boards? It would be pretty weird, agree. Thus, when laying the floor, it is necessary to reconsider all details because this is where the beauty of the home interior lies.

Skirting is a small but very important highlight to finish the interior of the home. It can naturally and seamlessly merge with the interior, or, on the contrary, white skirting contrasting to the walls and floor can become an accent catching every eye.

Moreover, skirting performs many useful functions:

  • It conceals the wiring. It is recommended to conceal wiring under the skirting boards. Sometimes it can be concealed in the ceiling, yet it is not the best option, especially if your upper neighbours will flood your housing, or in case of a leaking roof. It can cause more harm than good.
  • It conceals surface imperfections. Even the experienced technician not always can make the floor flush to the wall, and here the skirting perfectly hides all unevenness. Meanwhile, when installing wooden floorboard it is required to leave a gap to the wall, as the floor needs room for expansion in case of temperature variations.
  • Prevents damage. Skirting will not allow to place your furniture too close to the wall and thus will protect the wall finish.

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In addition to all of these useful features, skirting is a highlight of home decor. It is matched to the floor colour and always visually increase the room. You will get the same effect when choosing white skirting and painting it in the colour of the walls, – a visually bigger room. This is a classic choice when skirting is rather unobtrusive and performs the function of finish.

However, you can opt for white skirting – to match it to the dark floor and dark or bright walls, thus providing contrast for the interior, and revitalizing it. White contrasting skirting underlines the finishes of walls and furniture.

White skirting fits almost to all styles, for both traditional and modern settings. Some interior designers readily propose to use white skirting, regardless of the colours of walls or floors, because ceilings and window frames in all homes are usually white, therefore, white skirting looks equally good.

Landero salon offers an exceptionally wide range of skirting. 9 different shapes and heights of profiles, different colours, some of them perfectly matching to your parquet. Even if no perfect colour can be found, you can always stain uncoated skirting with the required shade, and, of course, you can always go for white skirting boards which match anything and come in 9 different profiles!

No less important is to merge skirting with parquet boards, carpet or other floor coverings. There are different connection profiles. They can be used to neatly complete the joints between the parquet boards and tiles, or carpeting. One should not forget the stairs. If the stairs are matched to the wooden parquet boards, the edge trims often become a headache. They must be matched, too, otherwise they become obtrusive to the rest of the home interior. You can find a wide range of colours of trimming profiles and edge trims in our salon, to match the colour of your parquet. Should you find no proper shade, we offer unfinished (no coating) profiles and edge trims that can be stained in the preferred colour to be fully customised to your floor.

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Skirting and connection profiles provide completeness in the design of your home area. If rightly chosen, these small details will conceal anything you want to stay out of notice, and highlight everything you want to emphasize. The integral whole consists of details!


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