Did you know: the wooden parquet can be laid on the walls?

Wooden parquet can be laid not only on the floor but also on the walls. Generally, wooden interiors are favourites because of warm and earthy colours. If you want to have one exceptional room in your home, but are not sure how to do it, you will never go wrong with wooden floorboards as a wall decor element. Just have a look at the gallery below. Wood is a natural material, it will guarantee relaxation for your eyes and soul.


Interiors with natural wood elements, whether it be floors, walls or furniture, help to relax and provide comfort and cosiness to the home. By complementing your living spaces with wooden accents, you will convert them instantly because the wood has a harmonious appearance, close to nature, where people feel serenity and relaxation. A wooden wall will certainly fit in any room of your home. Everything depends on your priorities and the interior style.

Wood fits perfectly with other materials and complements them. Architects and interior designers like to match wood with stone or glass/mirror, and by selecting the right lighting you can obtain mind breaking interior for the enjoyment of not only yourself but also your guests. ­

 medis-stiklas medis-akmuo

Wooden walls will refresh the boring and tedious bedroom and turn it into a special oasis of peace and comfort. The last view you’ll see before falling asleep will be natural patterns on your wall – this will help you to relax and wake up fresh in the morning.

medine-siena swing


We spend a lot of time with our families and friends in a sitting room, therefore, this should also be a nice and harmonious place. Just imagine how unique wooden patterns can decorate these spaces without any additional decoration items. You can choose floor boards to match your overall home style, with more or less branches, and thus create a modern or a vintage style. You can decorate only one wall or an entire room. Usually, a wall with a TV or a fireplace is used in sitting rooms, because our glances usually most often look at that direction. Wood is particularly suitable for this purpose because it does not distract and is easy on the eyes.

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For modern people, living in the city bustle, natural wood wall can be almost the sole daily touch of the nature. Such home interior decoration is becoming increasingly popular as urban people miss peace and freshness, which is so relaxing when you are in the forest. Wood is a unique material, instantly providing texture, naturalness and harmony for the interior. In addition, wood has unique patterns which never repeat.

If you are fascinated with a wooden wall, please contact our project managers who will be happy to help you choose the best option. All Landero wooden floorboards can also be used for wooden walls.

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