How to choose the high-quality parquet

Floor is one of the main highlights of the home interior, attracting most of the attention and creating the entire style of your home. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right floor, however, before that you should answer a few questions: will you walk in shoes a lot, do you have pets, will you have sand, dirt at home, and are you using the floor heating system. Wooden flooring is a natural product, therefore it is more sensitive to mechanical damage compared to ceramic tiles, but, on the other hand, it has more advantages: it is a green product, and pleasant for the touch.

If you decided to have wooden floor at home, it is time to select the appropriate vendor. Nowadays, the offer of floors is very big and it might seem at first glance that everyone offers the same wooden floorboards, just at different prices. In fact, they differ in much more parameters, therefore, in this article we would like to advise you how to choose the best floorboards.

First of all, we would like to draw your attention and enquire whether the parquet manufacturer knows the origin of timber and controls the entire production process from the delivery of timber to the factory to placing the product on the market and whether it can ensure a high quality of products. It is very important that the timber should be FSC-certified. This certificate confirms that the timber is delivered from legal forests, which means that forests are replanted, reducing illegal logging, preserving forests and biodiversity, and increasing social responsibility of forest owners.

Wooden parquet design comes in two types: two-layer or three-layer. Both types of floorboards are presented by manufacturers as a natural product. The top layer of two-layer parquet consists of natural wood, and the bottom is birch, or, more precisely, birch plywood. Birch is a soft wood, but becomes solid after addition of a significant amount of glue. Plywood is produced using strong adhesive to bond many thin layers of birch veneer and then compressing in high temperatures. It is used instead of ordinary wood, since it is resistant to cracking and deformation. And although it is strong, it may layer off at higher humidity or temperature. The base of the two-layer parquet can be made of an OSB panel, made from wood chips bonded together. It is a durable material, like birch veneer, but it releases a large amount of formaldehyde, which is a recognized carcinogen. OSB panels are used in the production of floor in order to reduce the cost of production, because it is cheaper than natural wood.

Landero manufactures only three-layer natural wood parquet, in which all three layers are made of natural wood. The top layer can be made from oak, ash, walnut or other timber, depending on your choice, the lower layers – from pine. Each layer is glued crosswise with respect to the next layer – this allows to achieve greater stability and reduce the natural wood deformation. Even in changing air conditions, no gaps appear between the parquet boards, they do not crack and squeal. This is an “elastic”, green and non-allergic product since only a very small amount of glue is used in its production. Cross-bonding technology is widely used in the manufacture of wooden windows, and, as you know, windows experienced significant variations of temperature and humidity. The same technology is used for the three-layer parquet. People looking for wood parquet expect exactly that – reliable, durable, all-natural wood floor. Another advantage of the three-layer parquet – you can install floating floor without using adhesive for installation.  This innovative connection system at the long and short sides of the board prevents the distortion of parquet, and spaces between planks. Landero provides 20-year warranty for the structure. In addition, the floating installation technology will allow you to save up to a quarter of time compared to bonding.

 “I’ve heard feedback from a number of floor suppliers trading two-layer parquet, with lower layers made of OSB or birch plywood, that the three-layer natural wood parquet releases very large amount of resin. It sounds ridiculous – just remember laminated pine wood windows, doors and facade systems, which also face major variations in temperature and humidity. If resin would indeed be released intensely, this technology would not be used in the production of windows and doors for centuries. Two-layer parquet manufacturers use such tactics, because they know that the natural three-layer parquet is just as good as two-layer parquet with birch plywood, and in some cases there are advantages, such as lower glue content, naturalness and environmental friendliness”, comments the shareholder Agnis Magelinskas on the situation of the two-layer and three-layer parquet.

The surface of Landero parquet is always coated with seven layers of varnish or oil, therefore the floor can be used immediately after installation. Lacquer coated parquet forms a protective layer against UV rays and dirt, thus ensuring the parquet durability and high resistance to scratch. Mostly, parquet is covered with two or four layers of varnish or oil, and we cover them in as many as seven layers in order to protect the top layer of parquet wood against scratch. It creates a transparent protective layer on the plank, which acts very much like a bullet-proof glass. In case of impact, each layer absorbs part of the impact force, the force is not transferred deeper, therefore, the lowest layer, the wood surface, no longer periods is impact or it is very low. We recommend to renovate the varnish layer every 5-10 years.

When the floorboard is coated with oil, this material is absorbed into the pores of the wood and increases the resistance of wood, accentuating the natural wood patterns. The oil coated parquet eventually becomes stronger, therefore, the more layers of oil, the better. Daily maintenance is simple and inexpensive – in case of mechanical damage, it is sufficient to locally upgrade the oil layer and polish it with a microfiber cloth. There is no need to renovate the entire floor surface. Oiled floors should be re-coated every 1-2 years. The floors are valued for their naturalness, warmth and comfort.

“Many clients are afraid to use oiled parquet, because of the prevailing opinion that such floors are easily damaged, while lacquered floor is supposedly stronger. But it is not true, knowing about additional expenses and hassle for re-coating the lacquered floor, where it is scratched and worn out. There are vendors offering low-quality products on the market; often, they do not have high quality oil coating technology, and offer varnished parquet regardless of the customer’s need and desire to have the most natural floor”, says Landero director Ramūnas Beinorius.

Landero_sekmes_ratas_ENOnce you decide and choose the floor, do not forget the skirting. This tiny little thing can turn into a headache, because some vendors do not have a large selection of skirting and often offer the customer to visit a shopping centre. Not to mention the skirting matching the floor, a variety of shades and shapes, Landero advises to choose them as soon as you order the floor. This will save a lot of time, nerves and money. With proper selection of skirting, the whole home interior will look harmonious. Skirting can be matched to the floor or walls. Currently, high-profile minimalistic skirting is very popular. At Landero salon professional consultants will help you choose the best option from a wide range of products, because our each floor model has a matching skirting. We work for you!

Installation. After buying the floor, it is very important who will install them. We recommend that you choose the vendor’s installers, if, of course, the seller does offer such a service. Many vendors, in order to distance themselves from responsibility, offer other than their own trained installers. In case of defects, both the seller and the installer disclaim the responsibility claiming that the floor was ostensibly laid not by professional installer and the product was supposedly faulty. The client is most affected in this situation because most it is left to deal with this problem alone. It is a waste of time and increased costs. Landero has a brigade of professional installers. The seller, offering professional installers, assumes the responsibility for the product and quality. In this case, the company offers the warranty not only for the product but also for the work. Independent installers usually do not provide such a warranty. Our installers have a very good understanding of the product, know various technical nuances, they are introduced to the innovation, have all the right mounting materials, which makes it possible to ensure the installation quality and the floor will serve you for decades.

As we said at the beginning, the floor is one of the main highlights of the house interior, therefore you should be very careful when choosing the flooring manufacturer, the seller and the installer, and getting everything from one source is the best choice. This way, you will have really high-quality and long-lasting floor.


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