New generation floor covering – vinyl

Have you ever dreamt about wooden floors that would be resistant to scratching and dirt and would be easy to look after? Allow us to introduce you to the new generation floor covering – vinyl. This floor covering is just as attractive as natural wood, but it is somewhat easier to look after.


Properties of vinyl floor covering:

  • Resistant to rubbing and scratching. You can even walk on this floor with shoes and high-heels. They are not even affected by the claws of your pets or by furniture being dragged over them;
  • Not afraid of moisture. Perhaps it goes without saying that floor covering can be used on floors even in the bathroom. Its advantage over tiles is that vinyl floor coverings are warmer and softer;
  • Don’t wear out. You can be confident that even in areas where this floor covering gets a lot of sunlight, even after many years the floor will still be the same colour as on the day it was laid;
  • Good sound insulation. This floor covering does not squeak or rattle;
  • Soft, do not leave impressions. Since vinyl floor covering is soft, it does not hold the impression of where furniture stood: eventually the indentations level out and disappear. The softness of these floors is a real consideration when small children are involved, given that they fall frequently.
  • Suitable for heated floors, since they conduct heat very well, do not get deformed from raised temperature and do not alter their properties;
  • Easy maintenance. These floors are easily maintained and do not have to be protected against excess water, the way wooden floors do.
  • Antistatic. Since these floors are free of static electricity, fluff balls do not form; which is another great advantage when you are looking for easy to maintain and attractive floor coverings.


Wide selection of designs

We can offer a very wide selection of designs, ranging from various shades of wood patterns to imitation concrete, which is currently very popular. We are proudest of our Impress collection, which has more than 20 different shades of wood patterns to choose from. All wood patterns imitate real wood not just visually, but in feeling: every knot, every ring of the wood pattern has appropriate undulations and for this reason vinyl floor covering is sometimes quite difficult to distinguish from natural woof parquet.


Vinyl floor covering can be covered:

  • in homes (domestic premises);
  • in communal premises;
  • in small manufacturing premises.

This floor covering can be used so diversely due to its particular construction from 8 layers, each of which has its own function, giving the flooring material resilience and strength. The Elite and Impress vinyl flooring can be used in homes (domestic premises), communal premises and even in low-intensity manufacturing premises. Vinyl floor covering in the Natural collection is recommended for homes (domestic premises) and communal premises. The vinyl floor cover is guaranteed for 5 years.


Installation of vinyl floor covering

Vinyl floor covering is easy to install. The flooring material and glue needs to be in the premises where the floor is going to be glued for not less than 24 hours. The temperature inside the premises needs to be 18 °C. Vinyl floor covering, like 3-layer wood parquetry, can be glued onto the base, or in a ‘floating’ manner, since the vinyl floor covering pieces are click-locking. If the vinyl floor covering is going to be glued to the base, this needs to be very even. Therefore, before installing the vinyl floor covering it is recommended that the surface of it be ground and primed with dispersion primer. If the ‘floating’ method is used, some sort of mat should be used. The newly-laid vinyl floor covering can be walked on after 24 hours.

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