Wood flooring

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Bright shades of minimalism

Classic natural wood colours

Modern gray shades

Stylish dark shades

Most stable parquet plank design.

1. Top layer
Carefully selected layer of European or exotic hardwood protected by lacquer or oil.
2. Protective layer
7 layers of acrylic lacquer or 7 layers of natural oil with UV protection
3. Middle layer
Coniferous wood lamellas are placed across the parquet plank design. This is to achieve greater stability and reduces natural wood deformation, allowing to avoid gaps, cracking and creaky floors even in changing weather conditions.
4. 5Gc lock system
• Most modern and most innovative locking system in the world.
• Quick installation – up to 25% faster installation and no need for special installation skills.
• Clean and convenient – less mess during installation.
• Safe – less risk during installation or dismantling.
5. Bottom layer
Crosswise softwood layer reinforces the middle layer thereby for the reducing the likelihood of wood deformation.

Size and structure of parquet planks

Landero grindys

Landero natural wood parquet

Natural wood:

• Does not cause allergies
• Comfortable and pleasant to the touch
• Regulates the indoor climate
• Unique patterns
All Landero products are made only from carefully selected best parts of the tree.

Parquet coating

Multi-layer lacquer coating forms a protective layer against UV radiation, micro-scratches and dirt. Benefits of the lacquered surface.

  • Longevity
  • Great damage resistance
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance

Oil coating
During oil coating the product penetrates into the wood and fills its pores, thus increasing the resilience of the parquet and highlighting natural wood patterns.

Advantages of oil coated surface:
• Oiled floor looks exclusively.
• Creates an antistatic surface
• Simple cleaning and maintenance
• Flooring is warm and pleasant, simple renovation